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Thursday, August 14, 2014

More Lawsuit Details & Arbour's Fight

New details have surfaced in the saga of the failed Barroway-Wang sale of the Islanders.  The New York Post has revealed that Andrew Barroway hired Gary Bettmann's half-brother, Jeffrey Pollack  several months ago as part of his team to acquire the Islanders.  An awkward detail in yet another negative story Isles fans would just assume never happened.  "Barroway also hired David Carlock, a sports-marketing specialist, as a late addition to help in his Islanders bid — which ran into trouble, sources said, when the Philadelphia lawyer and hedge-fund executive had trouble raising the funds needed for the purchase."  Rumors of Barroway not having sufficient funds to conclude the purchase the storied franchise have leaked shortly after news of Barroway's lawsuit against Charles Wang had surfaced.  Strangely, As for Pollack, it is believed to be the first time he was selected to advise on the sale of an NHL team.  Was the former World Series of Poker executive and NBA adviser hired for his consulting expertise, or because it was thought that his relation to the NHL commissioner could help the sale be ratified by the League and the Board?

The Barroway-NY ICE lawsuit indicated Wang backed out of their handshake agreement to buy the Isles in order to sell to an interested third party.  Today, B.D. Gallof tweeted, "Per another NHL team source, at June board of Govenors meeting, Charles Wang announced: he has made NO decision on the sale."  If Wang made no indication to the NHL Board of Governers that a sale was imminent, it means Barroway is lying or Charles Wang was unethically playing multiple suitors to get the best deal.  If this is the case, Wang would destroy his support of Commissioner Bettmen and alienate him self from the NHL ownership fraternity.  But Gallof adds, "Also: Missing in Barroway docs is a "letter of understanding" that would have been signed if things were really at the point of sale."  Very suspect indeed on behalf of Barroway's credibility.

There is probably a lot more details to be revealed about who is to "blame" for the failed sale of the team. But Gallof brings up a good point to think about.  "Chew on this: had Barroway made that sale, you wouldn't have seen the additions Charles/ Garth made that moved Isles well above cap floor."  And will this mystery third party be authentic as speculated?  Will the team still get sold?  Lets enjoy the ride.



CBS reports that Bryan Trottier revealed on a Buffalo's WGR radio station, the legendary Islanders coach, Al Arbour is suffering from Dementia.  “Today, he’s going through a little tough time with dementia right now. But we all love Al for all of the great times we had together and his leadership. He was always calm under pressure,” Trottier said of Arbour, 81.  Well known to Islander fans, Arbour won four Stanley Cups as a player and led the upstart Islanders to wins in 19 consecutive playoff series and 4 straight Stanley Cups.

As heard on WGR's "Sabers Hockey Hotline," new Sabers assistant coach, Trottier said, “Al was a great motivator. He was probably our father figure in the fact that we all respected him so much." he added “He (Arbour) had a great command of the room. At the same time, he had a big man’s presence. He had won a lot of Stanley Cups as a player with several different teams. He played with great players. So he always brought that credibility with him. And for us to sit down with him one-on-one or when he was in front of us as a team, he had a great presence, and we loved the man.” 

Of Arbour, former Islander goaltender, Chico Resch commented that he was the greatest coach of all time for his ability to lead with tact and a personal touch.  He hinted that Arbour could discipline and correct a professional hockey player without embarrassing him and maintaining a positive feeling in the room.  As a fan, I looked up to Al Arbour as a legendary coach who lead my favorite team to amazing heights and allowed me to witness a Dynasty in the making.  Along with Bill Torrey, the man who brought him to the Island, I felt Al Arbour was a brilliant tactician and motivator who had everything in control as "my" coach.  I am deeply saddened by the news of his dementia.  Something I am having a hard time in dealing with by my own father.  An immortal inspiration to me and a giant in my life who could always take charge and make things better from my Mom and me.  It just sucks.

I wish coach Arbour and his family the best.  I am sure all Isles fans wish him the best in his fight and we will be sure to keep him in our daily thoughts.

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