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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Send it for all to hear.

dani3boyz  via Twitter
#VoteYesAug1: $14/yr if it passes and we have PROGRESS on Long Island. $18/yr and 77 acres of eyesore and over 2k people out of jobs if not.

Starting at 6 a.m. on Monday, August 1st, the residents of Nassau County will have the chance to keep the Islanders on Long Island and help to build a state of the art facility for all types of public events.  The residents will have the chance to create more jobs, more revenue and a revitalize their identity.  They will get a chance to celebrate being a Long Islander.

Here in Putnam County, N.Y., I wont sleep well tonight and I will be distracted at work all day tomorrow just like thousands of other fans who have waited so long for this moment to arrive.  My hopes are the people were able to see the facts and get past the spin doctoring of the last few months.  Facts and figures have been misquoted and propaganda has been rampant. 

One truth remains without question.

A message will be sent tomorrow.  I call upon the legions of Islander fans throughout Nassau County to carry the torch for all of us who have done all we non-residents can without voting.  Step up and deliver with a loud voice that the Islanders should stay right where they are.  Send the message that Nassau County deserves a premiere venue to see sporting events, shows and attractions.  Make a stand for your community and help revive the economy in Nassau County.

Send it for all to hear.  Vote Yes August 1st.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Brian Rolston, Trent Hunter, Garth Snow and Glen Sather

Today, the Isles acquired 6’2, 215 pound F Brian Rolston from the New Jersey Devils.  Trent Hunter will be going to the Devils in return.  Last season for the Devils was the worst in quite some time, before they came back during the second half in similar fashion to the Islanders.  Rolston, 38, scored 14 and 20 for 34 points and had a -6 rating in 65 games for New Jersey last season.   Rumor has it that he waived the no-trade clause in his contract to join the Islanders.  "It's been a rough ride in Jersey," Rolston told The Star-Ledger. "I'm actually happy to go to a place that wants me."
What I don’t like is that the Islanders helped the Devils clear cap space in this trade.  This move gives the Devils about $8 million in cap space to pursue RFA Zach Parise, the NHL star player that every Islander fan raged about not selecting in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.  While I think one could say it does make the Islanders better, I would have to say this was an opportunity to make an easy swap to come closer to the cap floor and unload an injury prone player.  Hunter has been beset by injuries over the last couple of seasons, so the move is not a suprising one.  I have always appreciated Hunter's spirit, work ethic and pride in being an Islander.  I wish him all the best. With the trade, Rolston brings an aging, though still capable veteran skill set, and a winning mindset to the team. 

Gotta love the honesty of my (a title unknown to him, I’m sure) Mentor, Chris Botta with his observation today.  “Isles loved Brian Rolston so much, they passed on him every time his $5 mill was on waivers last season.”

Snow had this to say on Rolston, "I think on the ice, he's a player that can play the point on the power play and he has a cannon from that position," Snow said. "He kills penalties, he's got great leadership qualities and he's a great veteran presence for us in the locker room. He has tremendous work ethic and is still a very strong skater. We're excited to have him as an Islander now."  Snow also admitted having interest in bringing Rolston to the Islanders in 2008.  Rolston told newsday’s Kattie Strang, " (I'm) super happy to get traded to the Islanders, a team that's got a bright future and is ready to make the next step," he said when reached by phone. "I'm excited to join the group."  He added, "I appreciate the fact that he  (Garth Snow) sees what he sees in me," Rolston said. "It really means a lot to me. He believes I can help this team and I won't let him down."

Rolston’s accolades are many.  He is a four-time 30-goal scorer, played with the Devils, Avalanche, Bruins and Wild, during which he was selected to play on the Western Conference All-Star Team.  Originally selected by New Jersey in the first round (11th overall) of the 1991 National Hockey League Entry Draft, Rolston won the Stanley Cup during his rookie season with the Devils in 1994-95.  He was a member of three World junior Championships from 91-93, one World Championship in 1996 and two World Cups, winning in 1996 and participating in 2004.  Rolston is a three time Olympian in 1994, winning silver in 2002 and participating in 2006.


Isles Notes:

Happy Birthday to Islanders General Manager, Garth Snow.

Rangers’ General manager, Glen Sather urged all Hockey and Ranger fans on Long Island in Nassau County to vote Yes on August 1st for the new arena proposal.  I have experienced, yes I am about to say this, some cool Ranger and Devils fans over the past couple of months who actively support the Islanders and their struggle to remain in Nassau County.  I salute these people on their fellowship of Hockeydom and appreciate their support.  May the rivalry live on.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The day on WFAN and a rally to say yes!

With the August 1st date approaching, the proponents and detractors of the new Arena Project in Nassau County are making their final pitches to local residents.  Today, Mike Francesa interviewed Islanders owner, Charles Wang and Democratic majority leader, Jay Jacobs on sports radio, WFAN in New York.  Mike Francesa conducted a fair interview and allowed Jacobs and Wang to be heard on equal time.
Listening to Jay Jacobs embarrass himself and fumble for answers during the interview on WFAN was painful to listen to, even for me. I am completely biased and pro-common sense, but I thought he would have had his facts in order and put together a reasonable attempt at debate. 
Jacobs started his attack by asking why Charles Wang wasn’t paying for the arena project himself.  Why was it necessary to use taxpayer money?  That would be a fair point to anyone who hasn’t followed this nightmare since 2003.  Charles Wang was prepared to pay without using taxpayer money when he wanted to build the Lighthouse project, backed by the same Democrats Jacobs now represents.  The then opposition, the Republicans that now back Wang and the Islanders on new arena project fought off every attempt for Wang to come to an agreement on the details on the plan.  Still following me?  The politics are the root of the problem here.
 Jay Jacobs went on to say that there was plenty of time to get a new Coliseum built if the residents of Nassau County vote no.  He said it would take 18 months to build the new Coliseum.  He would get together with developers and work out a plan to get it done.  His plan would involve PSL’s or a personal seat license.  It is a tactic employed by teams who build new stadiums or arenas by charging a season ticket holder a fee that would technically give the holder the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat in a stadium or arena.  A quick glance for PSL’s to New York Giants season ticket holders ranged from $2,800 to $75.000.  Yes, that is a fee that gives you the right to then pay for the seat you optioned to buy season tickets for.  This was a key part of his solution that he thought fans were expected to pay.  He insinuated that he did his part in the construction costs for the Giants new facility.  It is known that the revenue for NY Giants PSL’s goes to the team and had nothing to do with the construction of the new stadium.

Jacobs still claimed the cost to taxpayers would be $58.00/household and various capital expenditures could increase the overall amount by millions.  He even stated a developer showed interest in building a $135 million dollar garage on the Coliseum site.  It is well known that in a bipartisan budget review, the tax burden to each resident would be $13.80/household.  What he failed to mention was that in another independent study it indicates taxes will go up by at least $16 without a viable coliseum in Nassau County.
I am hopeful that if anyone was undecided or not fully committed to a decision for the August 1st vote, that Mr. Jacob’s dialogue with WFAN’s Francesa said it all for the detractors.
For years before Wang bought the Islanders, the land in and around the Coliseum sat undeveloped.  No one ever made the efforts necessary to develop the land or make it work for Nassau residents.  The fact is business all over Nassau County is disappearing.  The economy is terrible, people are unsure of what their economic futures will be.  Nassau County has a dismal history of economic failure and stagnation.  It is the position of Charles Wang that although the new arena wouldn’t solve the mounting economic problems of Nassau County, this new destination for Long Island would be a catalyst for a resurging economy.  Modeled after a facility like the Prudential Center in Newark or the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburg, the new Coliseum would be a state of the art facility that could bring the same renewal and opportunity to Nassau County.  It would be a hub for Long Island and a place to watch more than the rebirth of hockey greatness; it would be a premiere facility for family entertainment.  With the passing of the referendum, the new project is said to create 4,500 jobs and $403 million in profit for tax relief for Nassau County residents.
Francesa spoke of how Charles Wang saved the Islanders on Long Island, the bad lease signed by previous ownership with SMG management and how no one else would find the team a worthy investment in their current situation.  Charles Wang is a Long Islander and wants the team to remain on Long Island.  When asked about why tax revenue of Nassau residents was put into the new arena planning and not his own financial resources to start, he stated that was the premise of the Lighthouse project, but he was continually met with resistance and the other parties could never agree to the details of the plan.  When questioned about the misconceptions of development rights, Wang said he gets no development rights under this plan.  The arena and development rights would remain with Nassau County.  The Islanders would have a say in the details of the new arena and manage the facility.  They would collect revenue for things like concessions, parking etc. No infrastructure modifications would be needed for a new updated facility.  Wang added, “Through revenue sharing, the Isles will pay for the new building.  The Islanders and Nassau County residents are partners with this unprecedented revenue sharing plan.”  $14 million will be given back to county no matter what.  11.5% to County will be shared in gross revenue.  Bottom line, Charles Wang will be paying for the new arena and absorb over budget expenses, should they arise when all is said and done.
The new arena would take approximately 30 months to complete according to Wang, based on the data gathered from the Prudential Center.  48 months remain in the existing lease the team has at the current version of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  Time is limited to realistically complete the project.  Charles Wang has stated that the Islanders will not remain in their current situation after the lease expires.  Unless the project starts in full swing by next year, it will not allow the Islanders to remain on Long Island.  Charles Wang has lost $230-240 million over an 11 year span as the owner of the Islanders, due mostly to the previous lease and poor condition of the facility.  Even after all this time and money, he still believes his decision to purchase the team was the right one. “Long Island is my home and the Islanders belong on Long Island.”  He is an owner committed to more than the bottom line.  He is committed to his community and his home.  He wants the Islanders to remain where they belong.  It should not be forgotten that Charles Wang has never threatened to move his team, but if the plan isn’t voted in, he will be forced to consider all options.
Please vote Yes on August 1st. 

Audio of WFAN broadcast are linked here:

Tomorrow, the Islanders will have a rally in support of the August 1st vote.  According to the Islanders website, “The New York Islanders announced today that Long Island’s own, Blue Oyster Cult (with supporting act, Zebra) will play a free concert in support of a new arena on Wednesday, July 27. The show will start at 4 p.m. on the plaza outside of the Nassau Coliseum Box Office. Randy Jackson, the lead vocalist of the Long Island based band Zebra, will open. Islanders Players Matt Moulson and Ty Wishart will also be in attendance along with Islanders alumni.”

Friday, July 22, 2011

KoC gets some love from Matt Moulson

 MMoulson Matt Moulson
RT @Knight_of_Cups_:Can I get a RT for supporting team? Independent Islanders Blogger asking you to vote Yes on Aug.1st!

Thanks Matt!

Yashin to the Islanders?

Twitter rumor …

dchesnokov Dmitry Chesnokov
by RobCarlinMSG
Yashin's agent Mark Gandler to SovSport: "At this time we are negotiating with the #Islanders...and are seriously considering their offer."

Why would the Islanders want a player back they are paying $2,204,000/ season from 07-08 until 14-15 to stay away?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Arena for $.26/week? Vote Yes!

Vote Yes on August 1st

Nassau County News Network reports "Experts: $13.80 is the Maximum Homeowner Liability for a New Nassau Coliseum"

Islanders sign Tim Wallace for organizational depth

The New York Islanders announced the signing of 6’1”, 206-pound Forward, Tim Wallace for organizational depth today.  Wallace has agreed to terms on a one-year, two-way contract and will probably spend most of his time with Bridgeport.

The 26 year old Wallace was signed as an un drafted player by the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2007.   Wallace went 20 and 17 for 37 points in 62 games with the Pittsburgh Penguins AHL affiliate, good enough for fifth best on the team in '10-11.  Last season was the third consecutive season he saw NHL action, playing for the Penguins in 7 games.  In all of his NHL appearances, Wallace is 0 and 2 for 2 points.

Wallace has 75 and 62 for 137 points in 304 career regular season AHL games.  In addition, he has 4 and 13 for 17 points in 55 Playoff games with Wilkes-Barre/Scranton.  Tim Wallace was a member of the U.S. Junior national and under 18 national teams in 2000 and 2001.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chris Osgood Retires

Chris Osgood has retired from the NHL as a Goaltender.  He finishes 4th all-time with 15 postseason shutouts, 8th all-time with 74 playoff wins and 10th all-time with 401 regular-season wins.  When asked about his HOF credentials, he said “It means the world to me to get into the Hall of Fame. It means a lot and hopefully one day it happens.”  Paying tribute to others that influenced his play; Osgood thanked Mike Vernon as 'instrumental for making him the goalie he was' and Hasek 'for helping me take my game to the next level.'

When reflecting on his career and his loyal fans, Osgood said, “If I could stand up and cheer them, I would. I just want to say thank you.”  He will remain with the Detroit Redwings as a goaltending consultant.

Chris Osgood played 110 Games as an Islander during the 2001 and 2002 seasons.  He guided the Islanders to their last playoff appearance, losing to the Toronto Maple Leafs in 7 games.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue and White with a future so bright

When I saw the rosters for the Blue and White scrimmage on Long Island yesterday, I thought, wow.  The islanders must have one of the top prospect pools in the NHL.  I had no idea how much fun the 5,235 of us were going to have watching them.

When I looked at the Blue roster and then saw Kabanov, Strome and Niederrider with de Hann and Mayfield on defense, I was in awe.  Team Blue seemed like the early favorite to me.

Per Islanders site, the line up was as follows:

Blue Team Lineups:

37 Kirill Kabanov - 8 Ryan Strome - 25 Nino Niederreiter
62 Tyler McNeely  - 53 Casey Cizikas - 56 John Persson
64 Ben Thomson - 28 Johan Sundstrom - 61 Mitchell Theoret
42 Max LeSieur  - 54 Tony Romano - 6 Max Capuano

* Will rotate with seven men
3 Calvin de Haan - 63 Scott Mayfield
71 Mark Katic - 41 Robbie Russo
33 Benn Olson - 58 Bennett Schneider
50 Teigan Zahn

52 Chris Rawlings (First period)
34 Nicola Riopel (Second period)

On team White,  I saw the great Rakhshani, Nelson, DiBenedetto, Trivino and College star Anders Lee and thought, OK, we will have ourselves a spirited game here.  The defense that stood out was Donovan, Ness and Kichton.  I was interested to see how Anders Nilsson was progressing in net as well.

White Team Lineups:

18 Justin DiBenedetto - 45 David Ullstrom - 49 Rhett Rakhshani
58 Anders Lee  - 11 Brock Nelson - 56 Cody McNaughton
63 Danny Linell - 38 Corey Trivino - 62 KJ Tiefenwerth
61 Dan O'Donoghue - 37 Ben Rosen - 64 Stephen Alonge

* Will rotate with seven men
24 Aaron Ness - 29 Matt Donovan
42 Andrey Pedan - 41 Brenden Kichton
33 Art Bidlevskii - 6 Mike Marcou
50 Mei Ushu

34 Cody Rosen (First period)
52 Anders Nilsson (Second period)

The game was to be two, 25 minute periods with a skills competition afterwards.  All penalties were settled via the penalty shot and the spirit was loose and fun, until the puck was dropped.  Both teams seemed focused and knew that this would be their chance to impress.

The surprise was how team White played a high energy first period and just out worked their Blue counterparts, entering intermission with a 4-2 lead.  They padded their lead, scoring two more to start the second and final period just as they left the first, with a something to prove.  Goals were scored by Ullstrom, Lee, Strome (penalty shot), Lee (ps), Sundstrom and Pedan.

Team Blue was not to be outdone so easily.  Down a stunning 6-2, they mounted a statement-like surge though the second half of the period, but fell short with their goalie pulled.  The final of the game portion was a White victory of 6-5.  The early deficit was too much to overcome, despite a heroic effort for the men in Blue.  They would have to rally and outplay their teammates in white during the skills competition.  Goals in the second were scored by O’Donoghue, Ness, Strome, de Hann and Kabanov (ps).

The skills competition consisted of:

 The hardest shot, won by Matt Donovan at 95mph.

The rapid fire contest, Anders Nilsson stopped all 6 shots he faced.

The shootout, always the favorite.  The great saves and barely missed attempts had the crowd on the edge of their seats.  The goals weren’t bad either.  Ryan Strome stole the show amid a plethora of fun goals. 

The breakaway contest went to the Blue team, giving them an overall 9-8 victory of the day on a goal by Nino Niederreiter.

Surprises came my way as I watched the prospects compete to wear the Islander crest.  I was impressed to see that they indeed did fit the mold of fierce competitors already that was forged and solidified in the second half of last year.  There was a high skill level to match throughout the bulk of both rosters.  Isles '09 draftpick, Anders Lee was just as dynamic as he was in the Frozen Four national tournament.  Players like Ushu from Japan worked enough to make himself noticed in a group of high draft picks.  Actually, all of the camp invites brought their game and worked hard.  No one looked like they were way out of place.

I enjoyed seeing the latest progress of players like Niederreiter, Nelson, Cizikas, Kabanov, de Haan and Katic.  It was great to watch players like Strome, Mayfield, Sundstrome, Theoret, Perrson, Pedan, Kichton and Russo show what management saw in them at this year’s draft.

Islanders General Manager Garth Snow came down to make an announcement towards the end of the night to a loud cheer from the fans assembled.  He read a prepared statement on his appreciation for the fans and how the steady rebuild has taken time, but is showing the results they hoped for.  As he continued, it was obvious by the breaking of his voice and trembling of his hand of what he was feeling. Garth Snow spoke from the heart.  He mentioned the ownerships commitment to the people of New York and of Long Island and how a new arena was necessary for the county to enter the future.  The arena would mean a new home for the Islanders and a place for all of Long Island to gather and thousands of jobs.

I watched my normally calm, cool and well rehearsed GM show me something.  He showed me how hard this must be on Ownership and Management and how uncertain the future of the team is at this time.  It showed me that the new arena vote on August 1st isn’t just something the organization wants to promote to be competitive in the free agent market or boast about a state of the art facility.  It showed me how much it meant personally to Garth Snow, the man, because of what it meant to the fans of the New York Islanders. 

It reminded me of what the Islanders mean to me each and every day.

Please vote Yes on August 1st.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

July Qualifying

The New York Islanders have signed F, Michael Haley with D, Dylan Reese and Ty Wishart to one year, two way qualifying offers.  F, Josh Bailey is still in negotiations with the team on the terms of his deal.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

NIFA and the unspoken, spoken word and notes

The Nassau County Interim Finance Authority or (NIFA) is a public benefit corporation of the State of New York.  NIFA has the authority to monitor and oversee the County's finances, which include the HUB project championed by Nassau County Executive, Ed Mangano and Islanders’ owner, Charles Wang.

Chairman Ronald Stack said that NIFA wouldn’t offer its official “position” on the August 1st referendum for the Nassau HUB/ Arena development project as of today.  What was explained is that the proposed budget plan was incomplete and did not give enough hard details for the present day and beyond.  This position was based on the economics of the proposal.  They concluded the meeting with saying more investigation would be made on their part if the referendum passes a public vote on August 1st.  Based on the language, this writer sees another hurdle even if the vote passes.  We were told the FIFA would have the final approval, so lets hope Mangano and Wang can take what they learned today and improve their position with an approval vote on August 1st.

The FIFA approval was previously discussed here.

Isles Notes:  The New York Islanders have once again brought back the talents of Jeremy Colliton, age 25 on a one year, two way contract.  Colliton is the Sound Tigers all-time leading scorer with 66 and 110 for 176 points in 285 games.  With the big club, he is 3 and 3 for 6 points in 57 games. 

The Islanders drafted Jeremy Colliton in the second round, 58th overall, of the 2003 NHL Entry Draft. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vote Yes on August 1st

New Assistant Coach in Bridgeport

Today, the New York Islanders announced that former Sound Tiger and Islander, Eric Boguniecki has been named assistant coach of the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the AHL.  During Boguniecki’s year with Alaska, he played under newly appointed Bridgeport head coach, Brent Thompson.  He joins the Sound Tigers staff for the 2011-12 season with Brent Thompson and assistant coach Matt Bertani.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Islander notes I missed on Vacation, July 2011:

Per Katie Strang of Newsday, the Islanders chose not to extend an offer to or maintain exclusive rights for D, Tony Dehart.  The 6'2, 202 pound Dehart was 4 and 26 for 30 points in 58 games for the Oshawa Generals of the OHL last season.  He was drafted by the Isles 125th over all in the 5th round of the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.  C, David Toews, 66th pick over all of the third round in 2008 was not extended by the Islanders either.  They will not be at prospect camp on Wednesday.

The New York Islanders have followed procedure and requested $4 million dollars in repairs to be made to the County owned, Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.  Its almost like there is a message here.  What do you think?

Radek Martinek has signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets for one-year at $2.2 million dollars.

The Ottawa Senators have signed center Zenon Konopka for one-year at $700,000.

Opting out of his obligation to the New York Islanders, Jason Gregoire used a loophole to gain free agency status.  He has since signed an ELC with the Winnipeg Jets.  The Gregoire situation was previously mentioned here.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Isles sign Trevor Frischmon for depth and Isles notes

In what is more of a depth move for Bridgeport Soundtigers, The New York Islanders signed 6’0”, 200-pound center Trevor Frischmon to a one-year, two-way contract.  Frischmon was a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets organization for the last 5 years.  He was 4 and 25 for 29 points in 80 AHL games with Springfield, a career best for him.

Per the Islanders website, Trevor Frischmon has appeared in 327 career AHL games, recording 102 points (21 goals, 81 assists) and 178 penalty minutes between the Springfield Falcons and the Syracuse Crunch.  He will most likely fill the role of a gritty third line checking Center.

Isles Notes:  Per Katie Strang, Blake Comeau will file for arbitration today.

Ottawa Senators sign Zenon Konopka to a 1-yr, 700K deal.

Montreal Canadiens sign Nathan Lawson to a 1-yr, $525,000 (NHL), $105,000 (AHL) deal according to Darren Dreger.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

2011 Free Agency, Part 1

The Islanders signed center, Marty Reasoner on the first day of free agency.  Originally a first round pick, 14th overall of the St. Louis Blues in 1996, Reasoner, scored 14 and 18 for 32 points in 82 games with the Florida Panthers last season. Islanders Point Blank reports the contract is worth a total of $2.7 million over two years. 

(On the Islanders) “I think towards the second half of the season, a lot of people and teams started to notice they were a tough team to play against,” Reasoner said. “We played them in Florida twice during the second half and they had their way with us. They were a tough team to match up against. They are building in the right direction. Hopefully that can translate into a really good start this October so that we’ll have a great year.”

Continuing to see their prospects evolve, the Islanders gave Kirill Kabanov what he wanted.  Kabanov signed a three-year entry-level deal with the Islanders that will give him a chance to compete for a roster spot this fall in the NHL.  Kabanov scored 11 and 17 for 28 points last season.  In 15 QMJHL playoff games, He averaged over a point a game with 8 and 12 for 20 points.  He also finished as one of the three finalists for the league’s Humanitarian Player of the Year.

His recent success in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league and an improved maturity of his character gave the highly skilled sniper a chance to prove himself on pro ice.

Free Agency hasn’t exactly come to pass as the fans would have liked it to so far over the weekend.  While the fans frustrations’ could be felt with the Isles not able to land the “sexy” free agent, I didn’t see many contracts I would have wanted to lock into.  Several were way over-priced and way too long in term, despite the talent involved.  As a matter of fact, the DiPietro contract looks more and more in line with what many GMs are offering now.  Although unforeseen injuries made that contract the butt of ridicule and jokes, the Flyers, Rangers and several other NHL teams have signed players of all positions to similar deals.

I am confident that Garth Snow wanted much of what we, the fans wanted on the opening weekend for free agency.  But, the Islanders are seen by many as a backburner team with a winning history that has since been tarnished with the circus-like events of the 90’s.  There were some regretful moves by management early on and now an uncertain arena deal that might help to at least level playing field with top free agents hinges on an August 1st vote.  Bad press seems to be regularly featured in the local paper, always casting a shadow over the positive vibe the fanbase and organization continue to believe in and promote. 

So in the meantime, the Islanders will have to wait.  Garth Snow has said he will go the way of trades to get the remaining pieces for the team and I am sure if an upgrade is there at a fair price, he will make a move.  Staying with the plan that has worked incrementally thus far.  The Islanders will  not make moves, just to make them.